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If I take a snapshot of a persistent disk, then try to see get information about the snapshot in gcutil, the data is always incomplete. I need to see this data since snapshots are differential.:

server$ gcutil getsnapshot snapshot-3
| name                 | snapshot-3                        |
| description          |                                   |
| creation-time        | 2014-07-30T06:52:56.223-07:00     |
| status               | READY                             |
| disk-size-gb         | 200                               |
| storage-bytes        |                                   |
| storage-bytes-status |                                   |
| source-disk          | us-central1-a/disks/app-db-1-data |

Is there a way to determine what this snapshot is actually occupying? gcutil and the web UI are the only resources I know of, and they are both not displaying this information.

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unfortunately it's a bug, known by google developers. They are working on that....

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