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In VS2010 running with .Net 4.0, I have a solution which has a website project. This website project has a folder called Lobby under which there is a class called Catalog. So the address of this class is now Lobby.Catalog

In the same website I have a folder called Users which has an aspx file called Manage.aspx and Manage.aspx.cs

Now in the attempt to migrate from website project to web application project, I have created a new web application project in the same solution and added both the files sans the folders to it. There is no reference between the Website project and the Web Application Project. Both files Manage.aspx.cs and Catalog.cs are in the same project. Lobby.Catalog is my class which has just a few string properties. However, when in the Manage.aspx.cs class when I try to add a using statement using Lobby, I get an error: error CS0246: Type or namespace could not be found

How can this be? It is in the same project. I have cleaned solution, restarted visual studio, rebuilt the project and still no benefit.

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Can you screenshot the structure? –  christiandev Jul 30 at 15:19
Do you have a "namespace Lobby" declaration at the top of Catalog.cs? –  Moby Disk Jul 30 at 15:20
Check the namespace declaration in your Catalog.cs class matches what your Manage.aspx.cs class expects –  RobH Jul 30 at 15:20
I have simplified the solution for the problem statement. Cant use actual solution screenshots as I might be breaking some company policy. –  user20358 Jul 30 at 15:21
I had this problem yesterday. Check that the target framework for each project is the same. –  dav_i Jul 30 at 15:22

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