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I'm trying to create member group within project in TFS using command line tool. Unfortunately for some reason I'm keep getting error connected with scope parameter.

TFSSecurity.exe /gc "http://mytfshost:8080/tfs/collectionName/Some Project Name" "Group Name" /collection:http://mytfshost:8080/tfs/collectionNam

Error contains such information:

Error: TF50620: The Team Foundation identity scope http://mytfshost:8080/tfs/collectionName/Some Project Name does not exist
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You need to specify the internal project URI for the project; you cannot simply append the project name to the public collection URI. This will be something with a vstfs:// scheme and have the project GUID at the end.

From the documentation:

To obtain the URI for a team project, open Team Explorer, right-click the team project, click Properties, and copy the entire value of the URL property.

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See roadtoalm.com/2014/07/28/… for a synopsis of possible values and how to get them. –  Giulio Vian Jul 30 '14 at 18:00

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