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I had a main project and test project in Eclipse. I moved it from Eclipse to Android Studio (so I had two Android Studio projects: main project and test project)

+-- main project (path:..\main project\)
+-- test project (path:..\test project\ - run test, know main project)

Android Studio:
 +-- main project (path:..\main project\ - run test, know test project?) 
 +-- test project (path:..\test project\ -know main project?, can run test too)

I would like to run my tests from test project using connectionAndroidTest in main project. Is it possible to configure main project to run test from different project (set path in Gradle? - if yes how can I do that). Do I need to create circular dependency (add in Gradle main project reference to test project and test project reference to main project)?

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With Android Studio and Gradle you don't need to have to different projects for app and tests. Place the app code in the main folder and test in the androidTest folder. goo.gl/VDHJXG –  rciovati Jul 31 '14 at 8:28

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