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I need to use the Adobe Oauth2 API to develop the functionality to query our clients Omniture traffic data (after they have given access to it using 3 legged OAuth : WebServer).

However for testing I require an Adobe ID and SiteCatalyst account, for which I have to pay. Naturally having no need for an analytics tool myself I have no interest in paying it. Is there no way to get a 'test' account with some data but not tracking any real site? Mentions to Adobe sandbox suggest that might no longer be in use.


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Perhaps you should ask your client to pay? or use their ID? –  DavidPostill Jul 30 at 17:25
Our customers are already full-paying Adobe analytics users, however to build & test the 3 legged OAuth I can't use them (as I expect 404s, issues with tokens, etc.). I would much rather built the functionality on some sandbox like account and only get them involved when I we can actually handle the authorisation process. –  Javier Zunzunegui Jul 31 at 8:23

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