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I'm very new to the Bottle framework and am having a hard time understanding what I am doing wrong when trying to serve static files using dynamic routes.

The following works just fine for me when I use exact values:

def serve_somefile():
   return static_file('somefile.txt', root = '/directory/to/files')

However, I am trying to create a dynamic route to serve any file in the /files directory based on the documentation.

This does not work for me:

def serve_somefile(filename):
   return static_file(filename, root= '/directory/to/files')

I get a 404 response from the server, despite it receiving an identical GET request compared to the above example.

Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong here?

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Did you try specifying the parameter as path (like in their example):

def serve_somefile(filename):
    return static_file(filename, root= '/directory/to/files')
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filename:path is so that it can serve files within subdirectories. –  Jonathan Villemaire-Krajden Jul 30 '14 at 18:05
Unfortunately, adding the :path filter does not make a difference. Still get the 404. –  user3351605 Jul 30 '14 at 18:14

Nothing in your code looks wrong to me. (And I agree with @Ashalynd that you should be using :path here.)

In fact, I tried running your code, and both cases work.

Perhaps you're using an old version of Bottle? I'm on 0.12.7.


Here's my complete example, in case it helps:

import bottle
from bottle import route, static_file

def serve_somefile(filename):
    return static_file(filename, root= '/Users/ron/Documents/so/25043651')

bottle.run(host='', port=8080)
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