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i am developing a facebook application with rails and the facebooker plugin from my local machine and have problems to set it up.

here is my facebooker.yml file

  api_key: myAPIKey
  secret_key: mySecretKey
  canvas_page_name: http://apps.facebook.com/rafikbennacer/
  pretty_errors: true
  set_asset_host_to_callback_url: true
    public_port: 4007
    local_port: 3000
    server_alive_interval: 0

I got my Callback URL accessible from the outside by doing a port forwarding on my router.Iam using Montgrel server with the command line ./script/server -b -p 3000. everything seems to work but i still have this message error when i go to http://apps.facebook.com/rafikbennacer/:

Errors while loading page from application Received HTTP error code 404 while loading Please try again later. We appreciate your patience as the developers of test1 and Facebook resolve this issue. Thanks!

where am i wrong in my configuration , how can i trouble shoot this error? thank you

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This is likely an issue with your Facebook configuration, not your Rails app, since I'm not getting a 404 when I go to that page like Facebook claims. –  Matchu Mar 24 '10 at 0:20
No, I take it back. I never worked with Facebook apps in-depth, but it could be that your app will only serve controller actions with FBML, and not static pages, to Facebook, which would explain why it gets a 404 and I don't. –  Matchu Mar 24 '10 at 0:22

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