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I'm using ASP.NET Ajax. How can I tell the browser to close the current window after the server call finishes (server-side code)?

I managed to do this using the ASP.NET Ajax's ScriptManager method "RegisterDataItem" in the server method (inside a button click handler):

sm.RegisterDataItem(ActionLabel, "action:closewindow")

and a hidden Label and handling it this way on the client:

function PageLoadingHandler(sender, args)
    var dataItems = args.get_dataItems();
    if (dataItems['ActionLabel'] == 'action:closewindow') {

But it feels dirty. There must be a more elegant way to do this.

Thanks for any advice.

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If I understood you right, registering window.close() with ScriptManagers RegisterStartupScript method on event handler should work. For details on using ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript see MSDN

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Aargh! Yes, that worked. Many thanks! I was sure I've tried this before. –  splattne Oct 30 '08 at 16:46

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