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I have a javascript conversion tool for moving XML into Fitnesse tables running on a Fitnesse Static Page, in which I use !- and -! around CamelCase and xmlns to avoid Fitnesse from processing them. Ironically, the use of these is causing Fitnesse to interpret them when I run the conversion tool (I take a big string var and do a $("#div").html(output); which is causing some funkiness with Fitnesse.

I have the javascript running inside !- and -!, and when building these fitnesse tables, I set it up like this:


The javascript looks like this:

output += "!-" + currentValue + "-!";

Fitnesse looks like it is ending the script here. How can I escape these?

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Option 1

var startToken = "!" + "-";
var endToken  = "-" + "!";

output += startToken + currentValue + endToken;

Option 2

output += "!\-" + currentValue + "-\!";
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After messing with it some more, I got it working with option 1. Thanks – Gaʀʀʏ Jul 30 '14 at 20:18

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