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I am having trouble constructing a jqGrid TreeGrid using local data. This method works just fine as a regular grid if you comment out the treeGrid and ExpandColumn attributes, but once you add those to try to make it a tree grid, it doesn't create a tree grid (it just creates a "normal" grid), and it no longer sorts properly.

I ensured that I downloaded the proper TreeGrid files during the jqGrid download.


  var gridOptions = {
    datatype: "local",
    height: 250,
    colNames: ['Name', 'Type', 'Last Modified On', 'Last Modified By'],
    colModel: [{name: 'name', index: 'name', width: 200, sorttype: 'text'},
           {name: 'type', index: 'type', width: 200, sorttype: 'text'},
           {name: 'modifiedon', index: 'modifiedon', width: 200, sorttype: 'date'},
           {name: 'modifiedby', index: 'modifiedby', width: 200, sorttype: 'text'}],
    treeGrid: true,
    ExpandColumn: 'name',
    caption: "My Grid"


var gridData = [
    {name: "My File", type: "My File Type", modifiedon: "03/10/2010", modifiedby"Strong Sad", lft: "1", rgt: "8", level: "0"},
    {name: "One of Everything", type: "Word Document", modifiedon: "02/12/2009", modifiedby: "Strong Bad", lft: "2", rgt: "5", level: "0"},
    {name: "My Presentation", type: "PowerPoint", modifiedon: "01/23/2009", modifiedby: "The Cheat", lft: "3", rgt: "4", level: "0"}

for (var i = 0; i < gridData.length; i++) {
    jQuery("#treeGrid").jqGrid('addRowData', i + 1, gridData[i]);

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jqGrid TreeGrid datatype local Example: –  user655913 Mar 11 '11 at 19:52

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There are also other warnings in the TreeGrid documentation and most of them seem to apply to what you try to do.

  • Currently adding nodes with addRowData is not supported.
  • Adding nodes is currently not supported.
  • Currently jqGrid can work only with data returned from server.

It seems all of these three warnings apply to you. You use addRowData you try to add nodes to an "empty" Tree and you try to use local data instead of "data returned from server".

So I advise you to construct your sample to match the Treegrid real world example (can be found on the left side under "New in version 3.5")

The documentation for TreeGrid you linked to states:

In order to use this module you should mark the Treegrid when you download the grid. For more information refer to Download. For Developers - this is the grid.treegrid.js in the src directory.

Did you do this? Are the relevant js-files for TreeGrid included in your js-files for jqGrid?

A quick copy/paste of your code on jsbin works for me (then hit the preview button)

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@jitter Yes, I marked Treegrid when I downloaded the jqGrid files (I checked everything). Your link isn't working in the sense that it is not a tree grid, but just a grid. Also, the sorting isn't working. –  Raul Agrait Mar 24 '10 at 3:06
I know that it isn't a treegrid what I meant was just that the grid atleast displays but of course it doesn't work nor is it a treegrid. Check expanded answer for more information –  jitter Mar 24 '10 at 9:39
Thanks for the response. If a tree grid can only be used for displaying static data, then I'm very disappointed. –  Raul Agrait Mar 24 '10 at 15:27

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