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just was reading this article http://highscalability.com/blog/2010/3/23/digg-4000-performance-increase-by-sorting-in-php-rather-than.html
And found this nice article http://wiki.apache.org/cassandra/DataModel
I just want to know as a .net developer how to deal with NOSQL, and somethings like cassandra.

I found that cassandra is apache product, is there something like this in microsoft world? or articles to know how to deal with cassandra using .net?

another link may be useful: http://www.slideshare.net/jhammerb/data-presentations-cassandra-sigmod

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There is a LINQ Provider for MongoDB (another NoSQL DB) - haven't had any experience with it yet. The Provider is just a part of a complete .NET library for accessing MongoDB.

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See the answers to this Question for a good list of NoSQL solutions in .NET:

What NoSQL solutions are out there for .NET?

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