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can somebody tell me what is jQuery plugin? I have used the jQuery library to build some small UI enhancements but i have no idea how to implement a plugin. Any suggestions on how to get started?


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Probably the best resource you can read concerning jQuery plugin development is the Plugin Development Pattern by

Of course it can't hurt to have a look at the official jQuery Plugin Development Guide and its equivalent from jQuery UI.

And to give you a (very) little insight... plugin development is really easy if you aren't completely new to jQuery. Basically, it is as simple as

$.fn.myPlugin = function() {
  // Plugin Action goes here

Which then could be used in the known way:

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I recommend starting here: Or if you want a complete tutorial, try this page:

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This is a decent screencast tutorial from nettuts you can also do a simple search of google that

will turn up many more.

Several more links can be found on the jQuery tutorial page.

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