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I'm currently trying to index my view so it doesn't take as long to query against. To simplify things, I'll give an example of my setup.

I currently have a Person table. In the person table, I store a person's encrypted birthdate (stored as a varbinary) among other things. I have also made a view called vPerson that decrypts the column and displays it as a normal date. For reference, I decrypt the birthdate in the select statement like this..


I have to use DecryptByKeyAutoAsymKey because it doesn't require you to open a key to use it (since a view is just the 1 select query). This works fine on its own, but once I try to create an index for the view with the code..

CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX Idx_vPerson ON dbo.vPerson (PersonID);

it gives me this error..

Cannot create index on view '_.dbo.vPerson'. The function 'AsymKey_Id' yields nondeterministic results. Use a deterministic system function, or modify the user-defined function to return deterministic results.

I'm very confused, because I believe it is a deterministic function as it always returns an int. If I hover, it even says it returns an int. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding something about the whole process, but if anyone can enlighten me or give some insight I would very much appreciate it!

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Why bother encrypting the data if you create a view that automatically decrypts it? That pretty much defeats the purpose doesn't it? –  Sean Lange Jul 30 at 21:02
Well, the Birthdate is encrypted in the database using keys based on the service master key. AKA, If someone somehow got a backup copy of the database, there's no possible way to read it unless they also acquire the service master key. Edit: To clarify, the Service master key is specific to an instance of SQL Server, where-as a database master key is specific to a database. When you make a backup of a database, it does not carry the service master key with it, but it does carry database master keys, asymmetric keys, etc. –  Brennahan Jul 30 at 21:05
If you look at the MSDN documentation for DecryptByKeyAutoAsymKey, it clearly states that the return type is varbinary with a maximum size of 8,000 bytes. –  marc_s Jul 31 at 5:12
The decrypt function does, but the function AsymKey_Id, which sql seemed to be complaining about from the error, returns and int. Both of them non-deterministic though. My issue in this problem was that I didn't completely understand deterministic and non-deterministic functions. –  Brennahan Jul 31 at 15:08

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DecryptByKeyAutoAsymKey is not deterministic because it doesn't always return the same result when called with the same arguments. That's because you can reconfigure the key NameOfKey. Indexed views require deterministic functions.

If someone somehow got a backup copy of the database, there's no possible way to read it unless they also acquire the service master key.

And that makes the function non-deterministic.

Actually, it would be possible to extract the data out of the index without any key. A database backup is enough.

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