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I've read the tutorials and related questions here but still no luck using a custom font.

I'm on a Windows 7 machine and I've performed the following steps:

Trying to use the font like:

lettertext = display.newText( "a", 40, 20, "Print Clearly OT", 24 )

Start up the simulator for ipad and I get "could not load font" message.

There was a comment on the link tutorial above, about otf files not working on windows but i assumed that was on a windows mobile device not in the ipad simulator on a windows system.

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OTF fonts are not supported in Windows (like you can read at the link you provided) but you could use a ttf version of "Print Clearly OT" font, ttf fonts are supported in all systems.

The other solution is develop with a mac machine, Corona simulator will work better in this case but this solution is really expensive.

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Corona SDK also uses the "Internal Font Name". The internal name could be different than the file name and the display name. It might be PrintClearly-Regular or something like that.

But likely it's the OTF's don't work on Windows.

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