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I am using Akka-Camel to create a consumer actor that receives messages from an ActiveMQ topic. This actor creates a router and a pool of workers to handle each request. Each request triggers some long-running asynchronous I/O (~3 to 4 seconds) and the result is returned to the sender. I would like to have LOTS of these I/O operations "in flight" at once, but I seem to only be receiving batches of 8 messages from ActiveMQ/Camel.

Here's some minimal code I built which demonstrates my problem:

class Frontend() extends Actor with Consumer with ActorLogging {
    def endpointUri = "activemq:myqueue"

    def receive = init

    def init: Receive = {
        case RegistryAvailable(registry) => {
            log.info("Moving to processing state")
            val resizer = new DefaultResizer(1,10000)
            val router = SmallestMailboxPool(1, resizer = Some(resizer))
            val workers = context.actorOf( FrontendWorker.props(registry).withRouter(router) )
            context become processing(workers)

    def processing(workers: ActorRef): Receive = {
        case msg => workers.tell(msg, sender)

class FrontendWorker(registry: ActorRef) extends Actor with ActorLogging {
    def receive = {
        val respond_to = sender
        case "artificial-delay" => {
            log.debug("Got a request")
            context.system.scheduler.scheduleOnce(10 seconds) { 
                respond_to ! "response"

I can exercise the above code by sending 100 messages to the ActiveMQ queue. I then see my log message "Got a request" printed in batches of 8, spaced 10 seconds apart.

I've looked at akka-camel configuration, ActiveMQ configuration, and Camel configuration and didn't see anything obviously limiting the "outstanding unacknowledged messages" to eight. I also tried setting override def autoAck = false in my Consumer and doing sender ! Ack right inside my Worker's receive function (before the delay). This caused me to read all 100 messages in one big batch, but then my actual responses didn't get delivered once they were sent later (they all went to DeadLetters).

How can I tell ActiveMQ/Camel/Akka-Camel/Akka that I want to go ahead and receive all of the messages at once?

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You should give this link a read: camel.apache.org/activemq.html. I don't think it's a coincidence that the max connections example for their a connection pool is shown as 8. Maybe there is a way to up that via uri params on the endpointUri. –  cmbaxter Jul 31 '14 at 10:49

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