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I have a small site with a script that runs a query with mysql and returns me some data, including domains. These domains are generated html links and I want to change in javascript, since I can not access the part of php, but yes to the javascript and css code.

I just want you the code is run when the click event is triggered on a link. I tried to stop the execution by default and make a change, but my code does not open the page. If I remove preventDefault only works in firefox, but I have not chrome. (window.open not use, I want to change the original link).

var domains = document.getElementsByClassName("domain");

for(var x = 0; x < domains.length; x++){
    if(domains[x].addEventListener) {
        domains[x].addEventListener("click", changeLink, "false");
    } else if(domains[x].attachEvent) {
        domains[x].attachEvent("onclick", changeLink);

function changeLink(evt){

    var urlOriginal = this.href;

    // If I remove preventDefault, the function runs correctly on firefox but not in chrome

    if(urlOriginal != 'http://google.com') {

        urlOriginal = urlOriginal.replace(/http:\/\//g, '');


        this.href = 'http://intodns.com/' + urlOriginal;

        console.log('Okay !');


    return true;

I tried several changes but none is running, not really the case.

Does anyone know the cause of malfunction? How I can fix it without window.open?


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Why are you passing "false" (string) into addEventListener? I assume you meant to pass false (boolean)? –  Tudmotu Jul 30 at 22:09
@Tudmotu tried it omitting the false, but I saw an example in reading a blog, so I used it, I added it thinking that maybe solve my mistake. It does not work, put false or omit. Thanks –  Anto Jul 31 at 18:32

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try stopPropagation instead

http://api.jquery.com/event.stoppropagation/ - read more about it

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Sorry, I have not understood correctly. Try using event.isPropagationStopped() ? Thank you. –  Anto Jul 31 at 18:29
instead of preventDefault method use stopPropagation. Not sure if that will work but try ti –  Ishita Jul 31 at 23:18
I'll use window.open because I find the way to make this work (i´m newbie), I think it is as simple and fast. thank you !!! –  Anto Aug 2 at 17:18

If I understand correctly, you want to redirect the user to a different link, instead of the one that is set in the href attribute.

Once the click is made, nothing will happen if you change the href attribute of the element. What you are looking for is redirecting the user, and this is made possible by modifying the location object which resides on window.

Instead of this line:

this.href = 'http://intodns.com/' + urlOriginal;

Try this:

window.location = 'http://intodns.com/' + urlOriginal;
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Thanks !! I'll use your code or window.open –  Anto Aug 2 at 17:18

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