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I would like to have 1/4 size gutter widths in smaller breakpoints, then in larger breakpoints and above, I'd like the gutters to be set to 1/2.

How can I globally set this in a _variables.scss file instead of having to declare it in every susy-breakpoint() (there's a ton of those)?

Seems like something like below should work, but it's throwing an error.

$susy: (gutters: 1/4);

@include susy-breakpoint($large-width, $large-columns) {
  $susy: (gutters: 1/2);

[17:56:33] DEPRECATION WARNING on line 50 of _variables.scss: Assigning to global variable "$susy" by default is deprecated. In future versions of Sass, this will create a new local variable. If you want to assign to the global variable, use "$susy: (gutters: 1 / 2) !global" instead. Note that this will be incompatible with Sass 3.2.

Using $susy: (gutters: 1/2) !global; doesn't work -- it just ignores the 1/2 in larger breakpoints and uses 1/4 instead.

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Just watched a Sass Bites episode featuring Eric M. Suzanne and figured it out based on one of his examples:

$susy: (gutters: 1/4);

$large-width: 960px;
$large-settings: (gutters: 1/2);

@include susy-breakpoint($large-width, $large-settings) {
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