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Given a figure with multiple plots, is there a way to determine which of them was clicked with a mouse button?


fig = plt.figure()

ax  = fig.add_subplot(121)

ax = fig.add_subplot(122)


def onclick_select(event):
  ... do something depending on the clicked subplot
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It is possible at least by applying the following steps:

  • the onclick event has attributes x and y carrying the pixel coordinates from the corner of the figure

  • these coordinates can be converted into figure coordinates by using fig.transFigure.inverted().transform((x,y))

  • you can get the bounding box of each subplot by bb=ax.get_position()

  • iterate through all subplots (axes) of the image

  • you can test whether the click is within the area of this bounding box by bb.contains(fx,fy), where fx and fy are the button click coordinates transformed into image position

For more info on the onclick event: http://matplotlib.org/users/event_handling.html For more info on the coordinate transformations: http://matplotlib.org/users/transforms_tutorial.html

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