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I have created my web application in grails and added the Vaadin dependency in BuildConfig.groovy. While running the app using grails run-app, I could not proceed due to the following error:

| Configuring classpath
| Error Failed to resolve dependencies (Set log level to 'warn' in 
BuildConfig.groovy    for more information):

- org.eclipse.jetty.orbit:javax.transaction:1.1.1.v201105210645
- org.eclipse.jetty.orbit:javax.servlet:3.0.0.v201112011016
- org.eclipse.jetty.orbit:javax.mail.glassfish:1.4.1.v201005082020
- org.eclipse.jetty.orbit:javax.activation:1.1.0.v201105071233
- org.eclipse.jetty.orbit:javax.annotation:1.1.0.v201108011116
- org.eclipse.jetty.orbit:org.objectweb.asm:3.1.0.v200803061910

I am using IntelliI Idea IDE and grails version 2.4. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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