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I have recently started playing with Apache Sirona as a monitor for a JBOSS app, however i am having an issue with getting it to monitor anything but itself.

For example, i deploy the sirona-reporting.war file (as a secondary war file inside of my main apps ear file), and while the application runs fine, it cannot "see" any traffic from my main app, it only tracks activity in itself. I suspect this has something to do with the context-root as set in the application.xml file. My main app has a root of "myApp" and sirona has a root of "monitoring", so it only tracks activity under the monitoring URL (ie: itself), but it can see JVM stats (memory, threads etc) that are running in my main app.

I then attempted to include all the jars into my main app and update the web.xml file accordingly. This introduced another issue where upon loading the sirona home page (eg: localhost/myApp/sirona), all mappings were only pointing at /myApp/, so all CSS, JS, links etc would not load at all.

I can see that in the HTML source it uses the $mapping parameter to get the relative links, and this is pointing to /myApp/, not myApp/Sirona.

Having read the doco at http://sirona.incubator.apache.org/ countless times i cannot find a way to resolve my issues. Possibly that this is still in incubator phase, doco is a little light-on.

So i guess i have 2 main questions:

  1. is there a way i can get Sirona - running as a separate war under a different context-root, to monitor another app running in the same JVM?
  2. Alternatively, is there a way for me to change - possibly in the web.xml - the $mapping parameter to point to the right path?

Thanks in advance.

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