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I created an MSI for my application and i want my dll to execute during installation of this MSI. How can i add my dll to MSI. I read something on ORCA but getting error.

Can anyone help to add my dll to msi using orca. My dll contain a message box and registry entry

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I would not recommend to use Orca directly for creating installer. Try to use WiX instead. There are documentation, tutorials, etc. on WiX. You will find information on creating custom dll to.

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I did this using Orca. Just follow the following tutorial: http://www.codeproject.com/kb/install/msicustomaction.aspx
It was simple to implement for someone who doesn't know WIX and doesn't have the time to learn it.

My only problem now is that I can't get the custom action to run when the MSI is executed silently. See:

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