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I have the below html button which have onclick event

<button onclick="alert('button');" type="button">Button</button>

and the following js:

$('button').on('click', function(){

After executing some js code by jQuery/Javascript, i want to continue with the button onclick handler e.g: jquery alert first and than button alert.

i tried so many things like "remove attr and append it after executing my code and trigger click (it stuck in loop, we know why :) )" and "off" click. but no luck.

is it possible via jQuery/javascript?

any suggestion much appreciated


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is it necessary to do what you are trying to do? anything the html onclick can do, can also be done in .on(click with javascript/jquery –  Alexandros Jul 31 at 8:12
@Alexandros yes but the onclick code contain some parameter which is coming dyanamically through JSP. –  kp singh Jul 31 at 8:13
@kpsingh You can pass the parameter using data attributes. <button data-param="<%= paramValue %>"... –  Yury Tarabanko Jul 31 at 8:17
any variables accessible from the html onclick are accessible from the $('button').on('click', function(){.. as well –  Alexandros Jul 31 at 8:20

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A little bit tricky. http://jsfiddle.net/tarabyte/t4eAL/

$(function() {
    var button = $('#button'),
        onclick = button.attr('onclick'); //get onclick value;

    onclick = new Function(onclick); //manually convert it to a function (unsafe)

    button.attr('onclick', null); //clear onclick
    button.click(function() { //bind your own handler
        onclick.call(this); //call original function

Though there is a better way to pass params. You can use data attributes.

<button data-param="<%= paramValue %>"...

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Thanks Yury. It's working as i expected and yes it is tricky code. By the way i am not a jsp guy and not able to change jsp file so better to do with jquery/javascript. –  kp singh Jul 31 at 8:29

You can do it this way:


<button type="button" data-jspval="anything">Button</button>

$('button').on('click', function () {

    var $this = $(this),                //store this so we only need to get it once
        dataVal = $this.data('jspval'); //get the value from the data attribute

    //this bit will fire from the second click and each additional click
    if ($this.hasClass('fired')) {

        alert('jquery'+ dataVal);
    //this will fire on the first click only
    else {


        $this.addClass('fired'); //this is what will add the class to stop this bit running again

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why if-else? i want both event but in reverse –  kp singh Jul 31 at 8:27
@kpsingh the if is checking if the button has a css class of fired this class has been added in the else, so the first button press will run the else, then each additional press will run the if. –  wf4 Jul 31 at 8:30

Create a separate javascript function that contains what you want to do when the button is clicked (i.e. removing the onclick attribute and adding replacement code in its own function).

Then call that function at the end of

$('button').on('click', function(){

So you'll be left with something like this

function buttonFunction()
  //Do stuff here

$('button').on('click', function()

<button type="button">Button</button>
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I also tried the same. jsfiddle.net/EyRJ3 –  kp singh Jul 31 at 8:33
My bad, I didn't remove the OnClick from the button html –  Mr. E Jul 31 at 9:21

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