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I use 2 methods to build a tree based on cons cells.

(defun make-tree (nodes)
  (cons nodes NIL))

(defun add-child (tree child)
  (setf (cdr tree) (append (cdr tree) child)))

Then I created 4 parameters:

(defparameter *root* (make-tree "root"))
(defparameter *a* (make-tree "a"))
(defparameter *b* (make-tree "b"))
(defparameter *c* (make-tree "c"))

And I construct the following tree:

(add-child *root* *a*)
(add-child *root* *b*)
(add-child *a* *c*)

The *root* is displayed in the console:

CL-USER> *root*
("root" "a" "b")

My question is: Is it possible to retrieve c from *root*? Something like: (cdr (car (cdr *root*))) returns an error.

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c is not in the tree starting from *root*. add-child makes a copy when it uses append, so (add-child *a* *c*) adds the child to *a*, but not the copy that's under *root*. –  Barmar Jul 31 at 9:39
Try using NCONC instead of APPEND so you don't make a copy. –  Barmar Jul 31 at 9:40
Thank you, it helps me to point to some existing querry:link –  Xaving Jul 31 at 12:11
What you want is actually the opposite of that, since you want to share structure. –  Barmar Jul 31 at 12:16

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You need to use NCONC rather than APPEND in ADD-CHILD, so you don't make copies of the subtrees.

(defun add-child (tree child)
  (setf (cdr tree) (append (cdr tree) child)))

With this change, after I do all the other steps, I get:

> *root*
("root" "a" "b" "c")
> (car (cdr (cdr (cdr *root*))))
> (cadddr *root*)
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@Xaving, also note that there are nthcdr and last. –  Mark Jul 31 at 11:25
Ok. It give an answer to my question. But through that i lost the tree structure (cause b become a child of a). I'm now going into that kind of method link in order to manage a tree. –  Xaving Jul 31 at 12:16
The problem is that your structure is not really a tree. It's just a linked list, because you only add to the CDR, never the CAR. –  Barmar Jul 31 at 12:22

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