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I have a column chart that uses a label function to format the vertical axis. I added a button and want the axis (or chart) to redraw when the button is clicked. Right now, the chart axis renders OK only when initially added to the view state.

I have a function that sets various properties after the chart is initially created. In there, I have tried all these:


But they do not change the axis formatting. How can I do this?

The MXML code for the axis is:

< mx:LinearAxis id="verticalAxis" labelFunction="vAxisFormat"/>

The label function is:

    private function vAxisFormat(labelValue:Number, previousValue:Object, axis:IAxis):String {
        if (_scale == 1){
            return currencyFormatter.format(labelValue/_scale); 
        }else {
            return numberFormatter.format(labelValue/_scale);
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normally it will work If you reassign "verticalAxis.labelFunction=vAxisFormat" on that button click. –  Flex.in Oct 23 '13 at 7:41

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Try updating the data provider. This redraws the graph, so all the components.


ArrayCollection arr.refresh ();

XML char.dataprovider = xmlData


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