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I want to submit several "cat jobs" on the fly to a cluster using qsub. Currently I'm concatenating several files with cat to a single one at the end (using > output_file) at the end of the command. The problem is that qsub takes the > output_file from the command as part of the qsub, putting there the log of the job instead of the cat output.

qsub -b y -cwd -q bigmem cmd1

where cmd1 looks like: 'cat file1 file2 filen > output_file'

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Do you mean you want to submit file1 and file2 as a single job script file via qsub? –  dbeer Jul 31 at 17:40
No, I want to concatenate all the file (file 1 to file n) using cat and store it in another file. I have to do this hundreds of times with huge files. That's why I use the cluster. –  biojl Aug 1 at 8:44

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When a job is running via pbs, stdout is redirected to the output file of the job, so the way to do this is to write a script:

cat file1 file2 ... filen

You don't need to redirect the output to a file because the mom daemon will do that for you in setting up the job, you just need to specify the output file you desire using -o. For example, if you named the above script script.sh (make sure it is executable) you'd submit:

qsub script.sh -b y -q bigmem -o output_file

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The whole point of cat is that it concatenates many files. It just happens to be a common usage of cat to print the contents of a single file to stdout. Your command should therefore be cat file1 file2 ... filen. –  Tom Fenech Aug 1 at 16:35
Good point, I will edit the answer. –  dbeer Aug 1 at 16:57

Alternatively to dbeer's answer, if your code is disposable, you can use echo:

echo "cat file1 file2 ... filen > outfile" | qsub -cwd <options>
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