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i have uptill now worked on linux where its very easy to install opensource libraries using simple configure;make;make install commands..

now i need to use MSVC++ to run some opengl code that includes the standard opengl headers.. but defaultly they arent present..

i downloaded the tar file from freeglut site,it has VisualStudio2008 folder but i have no idea how to use it to install the libs and headers in the standard paths??

is there not a way where i can use some standard procedure similar to linux process?? do i have to it manually??


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I think FreeGLUT development has stalled. You may wish to look into OpenGLUT.

As far as "standard paths" go, you can adjust the Includes directories (Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> General -> Additional Include Directories) in your project properties to point at wherever you put GLUT, at which point you can #include <GL/GLUT.h> like you usually would. Don't forget to add the GLUT library file to your Additional Dependencies!

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