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I need to operate with a SOAP service from Erlang. SOAP implementation is not a subject, I have a problem with HTTP requests at a client side.

I use IBrowse as a HTTP client. This SOAP service uses a specific authorization mechanism, which relates an opened session to a client connection (socket). So, the client should use only one persistent connection to server (socket), and if it try to send a request via another socket (e.g., connection from pool) - authorization will fail.

I use IBrowse in this way:

  1. Spawn connection process to server (ibrowse:spawn_worker_process/1)
  2. Send request to server via spawned process with {max_sessions, 1} and {max_pipeline_size, 0}.

If I understand the docs right, this should use one socket for server connection with disabled pipelining, also, I use Connection: Keep-Alive header and HTTP version explicitly set to 1.0. But my connection is always closed after the response is received.

How can I use IBrowse (or another http-client) the way I described above?

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I think you could that with hackney by reusing a connection.

Also gun is quite nice http client, easy to use, keeping connection, but with little less connection control.

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Thanks, hackney is exactly what i need –  Max Davidenko Aug 3 '14 at 8:50

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