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I'm use Rails 2.2.2. Rails manual said, the way to extend controller from plug-in is:


module Plug

def self.included(base)
  base.extend ClassMethods
  base.send :include, InstanceMethods
  base.helper JumpLinksHelper

 module InstanceMethods
   def new_controller_metod
 module ClassMethods


class NameController < ApplicationController
  include Plug


Question: is any way to extend controller from plug-in, without any modification of controller file, if we know controller name.

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Sure, if you know the name of your controller, do

NameController.send(:include, Plug)
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Rails initialize plug-ins in first, then controller. So I can run this code only in the end of environment.rb. But same construction: class_eval(%{class NameControler\n include Plung\n end;}) in the end of environment.rb (unexpectedly for me) give no result. –  potapuff Mar 24 '10 at 8:34
@neutrino your solve almost perfect, but I can't understand? where i shell run this peace of code? if i shell run it in environment.rb it well be used only for first controller execution. –  potapuff Mar 24 '10 at 9:15
can't think of anything particular right now. btw, for production this should be enough. –  neutrino Mar 24 '10 at 9:55

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