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I'm having an issue in an application I'm working on where one form in the application has an event that handles copying (i.e. a press of Ctrl-C) and pasting, and I'm having difficulty in overriding this behaviour.

Essentially, the application has a main area with draggable objects, and a Office-style ribbon above this area, with a number of text fields. These two areas are defined in separate forms.

The main area has a "Copy1Click" method that handles a copy event, and this is called when a text field in the ribbon is highlighted, copying the draggable object instead of the text. I've created a similar method in the ribbon's form, but I'm having issues in getting this to fire in preference to the other one.

Basically - how can I link up an event handler to a copy event for any text area in a form?


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You've said you have a Copy1Click that is called when a text field in the ribbon is highlighted, and a "similar method in the ribbon's form", but I'm not sure what that means or what specifically you're asking. I also don't know what you mean by "to a copy event for any text area in the form". I don't know of any "OnCopy" event for a text control, so you're probably talking about attaching a toolbutton or menu item that handles copying/pasting to the clipboard. Is my understanding correct? –  Ken White Aug 8 '14 at 3:32

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