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How do you integrate FxCop with a NAnt script? In my solution I have many projects with lots of DLLs.

this is my sample code:

<target name="runFxCop">
  <exec program="${build.dir}\tools\MicrosoftFxCop\FxCopCmd.exe" commandline="/p:${build.dir}\svn_platform.FxCop /o:${build.dir}\FxCop_Output\fxcop-results.xml" failonerror="false" />

I'm getting the error:

Analysis was not performed; at least one valid rules assembly and one valid target file must be specified.
1 total analysis engine exceptions.
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So what's the problem? Nant is designed to run FXCop rules. –  Ian Mar 24 '10 at 8:24
ya, but how to integrate Fxcop.. –  FosterZ Mar 24 '10 at 8:29

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If I may, I suggest you take a look at an article I wrote on the matter some time ago. Slightly old, but still applies.

Long story short, the FxCop task in NantContrib is finicky, and requires having FxCop installed. I like to have binary tools in source control, alongside my code. To make this work, I use NAnt's exec task to delegate to the local (non-installed) copy of FxCop, which does the work.

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@Grant Palin: thx, i that article made my day, but now i got another issue, how to give dependencies directory to fxcop,i'm using dependenciesDirectory task within fxcop but no use..may be i dn't know how to give directories..pls have a look. –  FosterZ Mar 26 '10 at 9:56

Use the fxcop task

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ok. i'll try it –  FosterZ Mar 24 '10 at 8:29
@lan:hi, this fxcop task givin' error of fxcopcmd.exe not found. –  FosterZ Mar 24 '10 at 9:14
Make sure you have FXCop installed. –  Ian Mar 24 '10 at 10:31
it is installed already –  FosterZ Mar 24 '10 at 13:29

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