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This is a block of code from my simple Linked List program.

void insertFirst(double dd){
        Link* pNewLink = new Link(dd);

        if (isEmpty())
            pLast = pNewLink;

        pNewLink->pNext = pFirst;
        pFirst = pNewLink;


My doubt is how does Link* pNewLink = new Link(dd); works ? I know pNewLink is a pointer to the new Link Object. But I am not getting while creating a Linked List how does multiple links are created and how are they connected?

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A video tutorial or a class lecture should be helpful –  P0W Jul 31 '14 at 15:01
There are multiple resources that explain how linked lists work, easily to be found using the search engine of your choice. Have you read one or more of them? This a very, very basic topic. –  DarkDust Jul 31 '14 at 15:03

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new Link(dd) statement is creating a new linked list node rather than a new list. So that, using the pFirst pointer, you replace the new node as the first node by setting its next pointer to the pFirst. After that, you overwrite the content of pFirst which was declared inside the linked list class (if it's a class).

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