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how can i extract tar file in iphone Sdk?i tried both miniZip and libZ.dylib, it extracts only .gZ file. i decompressed my.tar.gZ file into my.tar.but how can i extract again tar file?any one can help?

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I've a home maid solution for you: https://github.com/mhausherr/Light-Untar-for-iOS

It's lighter than lib archive and may work for your use.

Complete discussion about that: http://blog.octo.com/en/untar-on-ios-the-pragmatic-way/

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Have you looked at libtar?

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is it possible in iphone SDK?it consists lot of files... which one i have to use?READ ME file says to install it? –  JeffWood Mar 24 '10 at 8:53
It's all C, looking at the lib and libtar folders, so you should be able to include these files in your project when compiling. This should work unless there is some special dependency. But it looks POSIX, as far as I can tell. –  Alex Reynolds Mar 24 '10 at 9:06

The best library I've found is libarchive. It is well-designed, well-documented, and fast.

I just created a repository on GitHub that has the tools to build libarchive and libbz2 as static libraries for iOS 4.2+. (It should be possible to use it to target 3.x, too.)


In other related questions on Stack Overflow, people have pointed out that libarchive is included in the SDK. This is not quite true. The binary libarchive.2.dylib is included, but the headers are not. The same applies to libbz2 (but, oddly, not to libz.) This means that libarchive is considered a private API -- in other words, you can't use it if you intend to ship on the App Store. Hence my repository.

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