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This might be an easy one, but I'm not really experienced with sql.

I have a table with two user_id columns, user1 and user2. This table contains some compared values between the two users.

I want to send in an user id, and return all the id's from the other user when the sent user is either user1 or user2.

I guess some sort of if test would do the trick, but I don't know how to do this in SQL.


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You can do:

SELECT user1 FROM TAB WHERE user2=id
SELECT user2 FROM TAB WHERE user1=id
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codaddict's solution would work I would however go with the following:

select if(user1 = userparam, user2, user1) as user
from table
where user1 = userparam or user2 = userparam

EDIT: Replaced the case with an if function.

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One way to do this is:

SELECT IF(user1 = ID, user2, user1) AS other_user FROM table WHERE user1 = ID OR user2 = ID
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