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I have a question: I want to do a validation for the first and the last name with RegEx. I want to do it with only Hebrew and English without numbers. Someone can help me to do that code?

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This seems like a good place for this link: kalzumeus.com/2010/06/17/… –  Biffen Jul 31 at 20:31

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Seemingly Hebrew has the range \u0590-\u05fe (according to this nice JavaScript Unicode Regex generator`.

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Should we throw a $ in there as well for the end of the string? –  Casey Falk Jul 31 at 19:38
@CaseyFalk yes. Added. –  Explosion Pills Jul 31 at 19:39
Works amazing! Thanks! –  iYonatan Jul 31 at 20:53

Try this. Not sure if it will work. If not, these references should help.


Hebrew Unicode

Unicode in Regular Expressions

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Watch out, this matches the empty string and doesn't signify the start(^) or end($) of the string. –  Casey Falk Jul 31 at 19:38
Also, instead of posting, "Not sure if it will work," just pop on JSFiddle/RegExPal to try it out. ;) –  Casey Falk Jul 31 at 19:41

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