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I am making a notification system in which I get the row numbers of the user from the table whose new notifications just came in. I wanna save those row number in an array and pass it to the jquery which called the php to get the row numbers... it works perfect now i wanna pass that json returned object with all the array values to a different php page which will get the values from that array one by one and perform some action on each value.... How can i do that ? I have searched quite a lot but found nothing that meets the requirement. Can any one help me?

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If I understand you correctly, you have a JSON Object in Javascript/JQuery and you want to send that to PHP via Ajax again. Then why don't you do it like this:

In Javascript:

function sendJSONToPHPAgain(jsonData)
        url: 'endpoint.php',
        data: {
            json: JSON.stringify(jsonData)
        contentType: "application/json",

In PHP (endpoint.php):

$json = json_decode($_REQUEST['json'], $assoc=true);
// now you have a nice php array to work with ...

For example, use it like that:

var d = {a:2, b:3, c:"Hello World"};

Or am I missing something?

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$last_id = json_decode($_POST['arr'],true);

$size = sizeof($last_id); for($i = 0; $i < $size; $i++)


$element = $last_id[$i]; $reply = mysql_query("select * from user_messages where id = '$element'");

    while($new_message = mysql_fetch_array($reply))
                <div class="incomming_msg_wrapper">
                    <p class="incomming_msg">'.$new_message['message'].'</p>
                </div> <br>


**Thats how I got it working and it works fine. All I wanted to do is to access the elements of the json type array send to php via jquery by $.post() function one by one **

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i've found two "gists" tha may help you out: Convert array php to js array and Convert json to php code

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