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Sorting a column with mix numeric and text where the numeric or text is 1-3 digits long

Greetings everyone!

I am New to this and I have a sorting problem on Access 2007 database. This database will identify different types of task per classification code. When I use the ascending order, the order isn’t proper since these classification code are a mixture of a numeric and text. There are over 300 codes in all. Below is a short sample of what I’m dealing with. Please note that we are continually adding new classification code in-between existing code. The format is really terrible, it could be 1A or 1AA or 1AAA or 11A or 111A and so on… I would like to know how to achieve the desired sort and not the default

The Desired Sort (keeping the code in order by the numeric value and text secondary)

1.  1A
2.  1B
3.  2A
4.  2B
5.  3A
6.  4B
7.  11A
8.  12BC
9.  22B
10. 22C

The default Sort

1.  11A
2.  12BC
3.  1A
4.  1B
5.  22B
6.  22C
7.  2A
8.  2B
9.  3A
10. 4B

What is the best method to get my desired sort? and please give me a step by step how to do so, since i'm still very new to this.

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Use Val(FieldNameHere) Sort on the result. Come back with your code and any problems. –  Fionnuala Jul 31 '14 at 21:58
Be aware that Val can be a bit temperamental, so val("a1") is 0 and val("1a2") is 1, in other words, it will only pick up the first few digits. –  Fionnuala Aug 1 '14 at 18:18

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Your code could be something like,

SELECT sampTbl.IdField
FROM sampTbl
ORDER BY Val([IdField]), sampTbl.IdField;
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