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A meteor app is using the tap-i18n (https://github.com/TAPevents/tap-i18n/) and tap-i18n's setLanguage function works on the development system. However when the app is deployed to the production server using mup, the tap-i18n package is installed but the language does not change when setLanguage is used.

On the deployed website, you can run TAPi18n.setLanguage('en') but the language does not change.

On their github page, it says that deploying needed additional steps. Could this be the problem? How should we adapt those steps to get it to work with a mup deployment or even the mup deploy process itself?

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They clearly state: "If you use meteor bundle to deploy your meteor project you'll have add the unified languages files to the bundle in order for it to work. follow these steps: ..." Have you already tried doing this? –  apendua Aug 1 '14 at 11:51
However, I believe that doing this with mup might not be as easy ... probably you will need to update mup a little. Seems a little too complicated from my point of view. –  apendua Aug 1 '14 at 11:52

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In v1.0.0 of tap-i18n which is available in the new Meteor Packaging System as tap:i18n it is no longer necessary to do anything when deploying

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