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I'm trying to read EXIF data from pictures taken with the apple camera's application, containning EXIF informations. I use iphone-exif library available at

My problem is that I succes getting tag informations with [exifData tagDefinition:] function :

EXFTag* tag = [exifData tagDefinition:[NSNumber numberWithInt:EXIF_ExposureTime]];

Tag information are correctly displayed in console :

tag name : ExposureTime
tag dataType : 5
tag ID : 33434
tag components : 1
tag adress : 0x15f900

but I can't get the tag value :

id value = [exifData tagValue: [NSNumber numberWithInt:EXIF_ExposureTime]];

I get nil pointer :

value adress : 0x0 value size : 4 value content : 0

Results are exactly the same with other tag ID like ISO Speed ratings or Focal Length.

Do I made something wrong? Is the library dysfunctional?


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If you are using the UIImagePickerController then you will not have exif data. I tried this also.

Here is more information:

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I've tested with sourceType : Camera. And I saw that there isn't EXIF informations included. Is it the same problem when i use sourceType : PhotoLibrary to read a picture including EXIF taken with the official Apple camera's manager? – Raphael Pinto Mar 25 '10 at 9:19
Yes it is. When you receive the image the EXIF data is removed from it. I dont know why Apple would do that... – mracoker Mar 26 '10 at 17:00

There is no solution. As said mracoker, if I use UIImagePickerController to take pictures OR to open pictures from user's photo album, no EXIF informations are included. That's realy bad for my proffesional training... :'(

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