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I'm using https://github.com/einaros/ws, i can't use Socket.io because i'm working with an IDE(drag and drop) and it uses native WebSocket(on client side) so no websocket wrappers are allowed (on server side)..

My needs as the follow(basically same as Socket.io):

1) Clients Makes/join/leave rooms.

2) Running the server in several game instances, in other words I've some client connected to a game instance who wants to talk about 'cats' and other connected in another instance wants to talk 'dogs', clients in game instance x can't see who's in y - this is as known in Socket.io as Namespaces.

3) In each Namespaces several rooms can be created.

4) I don't need to implement Custom Events, working with Json messages is fine..

My idea is working with Arrays, for example: to broadcast a message to namespace 'dogs' and in the 'pitbull' room, i must to loop for all clients whose their namespaces and room are set as earlier, something like that:

for(i in clients)

There is any better idea? I'm missing something? Also if there any js lib that do that job for me, please suggest.

Any help will be appreciated Cheers.

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Never mind i found my way, but i'm still curios about how to implement that, so any response still welcome. –  Smarty Twiti Aug 1 '14 at 23:28

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