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I am using typescript with ui-router. Has anyone found any Typescript definitions for this. I looked on definately typed and could see nothing. Here is what I would like to find an interface file for:

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We are using this d.ts for ui-router:

Updated link, May - 2015

raw version (ready for copy/paste)


When I updated angular-ui-router.d.ts to the latest (May 2015) version, I also faced few build issues. Solution in a nutshell was

  • angular definition was converted
    • from: declare module ng {
    • into: declare module angular {
  • so update angular.d.ts to the latest version
  • updated all related (existing) d.ts as well (angular-animate.d.ts, angular-sanitize.d.ts...)
  • change all other (custom) modules declarations like
    • declare module ng.XXX { into
    • declare module angular.XXX {

With these few steps... all should be working again (original, not working link)

small code snippet form that resources:

// Type definitions for Angular JS 1.1.5+ (ui.router module)
// Project:
// Definitions by: Michel Salib <>
// Definitions:

/// <reference path="../angularjs/angular.d.ts" />

declare module ng.ui {

    interface IState {

The example of usage

module MyModule
    export class MyStateConfig
        constructor(private $stateProvider: ng.ui.IStateProvider
            , private $urlRouterProvider: ng.ui.IUrlRouterProvider
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Link does not work – Kenneth Lynne May 27 at 9:34
@KennethLynne, I fixed the link. It should work again. Thanks sir – Radim Köhler May 27 at 9:37
I get loads of errors with this version. Doesn't seem to like the | statements – Jake Stimpson May 27 at 18:37
@JakeStimpson I upgraded, tested, and described my experience in updated answer. Please, try it.. it should work. Thanks for comment, sir – Radim Köhler May 28 at 8:50

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