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So I recently converted all of my React components to CommonJS modules and I'm using browserify to bundle them all up. After this change, I'm now facing an issue where some components cannot be referenced. In chrome I see 'TypeError: object is not a function' and in Firefox I see 'TypeError: MyComponent is not a function'. The problem components seem to be 'required' by more than one file, but not all components that are 'required' in more than one file have this issue. The funny thing is, the order in which I require the parent/grandparent components makes a difference. I'll try to illustrate my point. This a simplified structure of some components I'm having an issue with:

components (folder)
    content (folder)
        contentA (folder)
            ParentA (ReactComponent) - requires ChildA 
            ChildA (ReactComponent) - direct child of ParentA - requires ChildX
            ChildX (ReactComponent) - direct child of ChildA and ParentB
            ParentB (ReactComponent) - requires ChildX
        Sidebar (ReactComponent) - requires ParentA and ParentB

Now inside of the sidebar component, if I require ParentA before ParentB, ChildX renders just fine in ParentA, but ParentB gives me the TypeError for ChildX. If I require ParentB before ParentA, everyone's happy. When I check the bundled output file, the ONLY difference is the order of the requires. Everything else is exactly the same, at least according to diff.

I did some research on CommonJS modules, and I read about cyclic dependencies. This particular example doesn't appear cyclic to me, but I did have other examples where a child was requiring a parent component and it had the same error. Regardless, I'm only using the modules for browserify. The requires should only matter for the bundling, and if the resulting bundles are practically identical, I'm at a loss as to what the issue is.

Can anyone give me some insight? Thanks!

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Browserify encapsulates files into functions, and creates new scopes for each file, so the variable names are not available across files.

Instead of

var ChildA = React.RenderComponent({ .... })

You will need to do

module.exports = React.RenderComponent({ .... })

to make

var ChildA = require('ChildA.js')


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