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 document = PDDocument.load(filePath); 
 System.out.println(" pages count = " + document.getNumberOfPages());
 PDDocumentCatalog docCata = new PDDocumentCatalog(document);
 Map<String,Integer> pmap = document.getPageMap();
 System.out.println("count = "+ pmap.size() ); //This prints count = 562        
 pnode =docCata.getPages();
 kidList = pnode.getKids();
 System.out.println("Size of kidList =" + kidList.size());   //this also prints Size of kidList = 0 

//System.out.println("-------size= "+pnode.getRotation()) //throws null pointer exception

Hi I tried working with the above code , however I am not able to get the kids using the pnode.getKids.

The above gives the following output:

pages count = 562
count = 562
Size of kidList =0

I am not getting why kidList is not getting populated even when the PDF has pages. Please provide some help in this context.


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Most likely you want to do

PDDocumentCatalog docCata = document.getDocumentCatalog();

instead of

PDDocumentCatalog docCata = new PDDocumentCatalog(document);

getDocumentCatalog() retrieves the existing document catalog while new PDDocumentCatalog(document) creates a new one without any pages.

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Oh my bad! , Thanks a lot it worked :) –  user3331947 Aug 1 at 7:10

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