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I am learning R and I have access to the MS SQL Server, particularly the Adventure Works Data Warehouse (2012). I am analyzing various tables / views in R, to try out various data mining techniques.

I have performed two-fold cross-validation - first on the SQL Server, i.e. I have imported only a fraction of the data to R (memory issues, plus allowances for validation and testing of the final model), and second, the imported data set is split 70-30 in R.

After doing my analysis, I have arrived at an algorithm I like - in terms of accuracy and my ability to interpret/explain it, etc. I want to now apply this model to the SQL Server environment to perform validation. If validated satisfactorily, I want to use this algorithm for forecasting / predictions.

The only way, I can think of, to achieve this right now is to import validation and testing data into R sequentially to determine validation statistics. When new data becomes available, I have to import that in R to perform predictions and exporting the predictions.

So my question is - Is there a way to automate this? How do I port this R algorithm to SQL Server? Objectives, as I have stated before, are: first, to perform validation, and second, to use validated algorithm as a predictive algorithm.

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