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I've just installed Meteor and I'm having a look at the leaderboard example.

I'm trying to set a random score, can't see what's wrong with my code. Can anyone see what's wrong with this? I'm expecting that when the button is clicked the selected player score is populated with random numbers.

Template code:

<template name="leaderboard">
<div class="leaderboard">
{{#each players}}
  {{> player}}

{{#if selected_name}}
<div class="details">
<div class="name">{{selected_name}}</div>
 <input type="button" class="inc" value="Give 5 points" />
 <input type="button" class="incrandom" value="Set random points" />
<div class="none">Click a player to select</div>

JS code:

    'click input.incrandom': function () {
    Players.update(session.get("selected_player"), {$incrandom: {score: Math.floor(Random.fraction()*10)*5 }});
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First: change session to Session. –  apendua Aug 1 '14 at 11:42

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There is no $incrandom operator in MongoDB, only $inc.

Also, what is Random in this code snippet? You probably meant to use Math.random().

Also (thank you @apendua, I didn't notice this), session should be Session.

So the updated code would be:

    'click input.incrandom': function () {
    Players.update(Session.get("selected_player"), {$inc: {score: Math.floor(Math.random()*10)*5 }});

Note, however, that this does not set the player's score to a random value but increments the player's score by a random value.

To set the player's score use the $set operator instead.

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That's great, thank you for both your replies. I did intend Random.fraction as that's what's in the server part of the example. I thought $inc was referring to the class in some way, never used Mongo before either. All new to me, so thank you very much for your help with this! –  user1532669 Aug 1 '14 at 12:02
You are welcome. And you are right about using Random, I wasn't aware of the random package that ships with Meteor. –  Tobold Aug 1 '14 at 12:19

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