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My doubt is currently I am accessing parent node from deep node like below code. Is it correct approach?


myObj = {

    level1_1 : [

            level2 : [

                {level3 : 'String'}


    level1_2 : 'String'



{{#each level1_1}}
    {{#each level2}}

        {{!-- Here I want to access level1_2 -- }}

        {{../../level1_2}} {{!-- Is is correct approach ??-- }}

        {{!-- If it is even deep level -- }} {{../../../../level1_2}} {{!--like this--}} {{!-- Is is correct approach ??-- }}

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It's an upcoming feature of the new handlebars version.

I created a fiddle with the 2.0 alpha 4 version of Handlebars for demonstration:

@root will give you access to the context-root. In your example you can access level1_2 from anywhere by using:


There's also a patched version of the 1.3 out there somewhere where you can get support for @root (I'm using it myself) but I can't remember where I got it :(. I'll update this answer if I can find the link for the patched 1.3.

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Thanks for answering. I can use @root only to acces top parent right? Is there any thing to access 2/3 steps back? – prakashstar42 Aug 1 '14 at 13:02
You're welcome, and you are right, the @root is only for the top parent. For other levels the ../../ etc. syntax is the way to go. – jbrosi Aug 1 '14 at 13:15

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