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I am new to mason. I would like to know what the following piece of code does :


I understand that a <%filter> block is called after a component has finished running. It is given the entire output of the component in the $_ variable, and any changes to this variable are reflected in the output of the component.

But what is the \U$1 mean here ?

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I don't really know what the \U is but $1 is a back reference meaning it points to the first group of parens. Essentially this is adding a \U before whatever word characters it finds –  skamazin Aug 1 at 11:55

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s/(\w+)/\U$1/g means search for one or more word characters and if it's find any then it would be stored into a group. In the replacement part, all the characters are replaced by captured characters, \U turns all the captured characters into Uppercase letters . g modifier means global.

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Correct, it uppercases all the word characters. –  Leeft Aug 1 at 12:15

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