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I'm a Java developer and I've downloaded the Eclipse for C (course purposes) and to my amazement the control+space shortcut (for autocomplete) did not work. I've created a new project and a new class using the wizzards and started to type "print" and then tried to find an autocomplete feature. After a bit of googling I arrived at C/C++->Editor->Content Assist->Advanced and there I verified that Help proposals,Parsing-based proposals and Template proposals options were checked. I then went over to the Keys preferences page using the link at that page and entered a binding for all relevant content assist from before C\C++ Content Assist (type...) and chose in the When box the C\C++ Editor option. But alas no autocompletion was offered. Can someone please point me to the right direction?

UPDATE: I'm accepting the answer not because I'm sure it's right but because I've realised I've made some mistakes with the configuration of the eclipse and have seen that with another installation/configuration (i.e. a friend of mines) eclipse does auto complete, even if it still lack many of the java version features.

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Hello, I have this problem too but Ittai didn't mention exactly what mistakes he'd done. – badp Dec 25 '10 at 8:29
@badp I've posted an answer specifying what I did – Ittai Dec 25 '10 at 10:18
You should accept your answer not an answer and comment that it does not work !!!!! – Mr_and_Mrs_D Mar 12 '14 at 17:33
@Mr_and_Mrs_D the accepted answer led me to the complete solution and it is correct in essence. see my update. – Ittai Mar 12 '14 at 19:12
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Although the eclipse doesn't provide perfect auto-complete, but it works.. This sometimes happens when you have the indexer turned off.

Try to enable the indexer and rebuild the index.

See this question in CDT FAQ. It contains info about how to find indexer error which might prevent auto-complete.

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Tried it, but unfortunately it didn't work, thanks though – Ittai Mar 24 '10 at 20:54

Use the Advanced panel in the Preferences window to configure the behavior of the Content Assist (Ctrl+Space) command.
Go to Preferences->C/C++->Editor->Content Assist->Advanced.
Check the parsing-based-Proposals in Default Proposal kinds.

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this was the solution I needed. Thanks a lot! – 0x6d64 Dec 21 '14 at 10:57

I'm no Eclipse expert (and I don't even play one on TV), but it might be that it only autocompletes function names that are declared in the current scope - have you added #include <stdio.h> to the top of your source file to get the declarations for the standard I/O functions?

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You should verify that you have the gcc home (i.e. C:\MinGW-4.4.1\bin) defined in the path environment variable (if you're using windows and if not then it's equivelant). Also verify that the file has a .c suffix and that the indexer is on as yousf said. I think, not sure, that you need to then run eclipse with the -clean flag and the autocomplete will work.


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i answered it here: Eclipse: How to add include path to be used by autocompletion

You have to explicitly tell it where to find the header:

⇒ Right click on your project
⇒ go to 'C/C++ Include Paths and Symbols'
⇒ select 'Add External Include Path...'
⇒ browse to the location of your header files
⇒ refresh

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Vim offers this functionality by scanning your #include's (the shortcut is Ctrl-N, or Ctrl-P to search backwards). If you can't find any better solution, one last resort could be looking into eclim, which integrates vim features into Eclipse (or vice-versa), and that's sure to offer this feature.

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