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can we call javascript function from g:paginate tag .
I need to call a javascript function when clicked on next page/number .

I'm using like this but no luck :
g:paginate next="Forward" prev="Back" max="100" maxsteps="15" controller="Links"
action="list" total="${Links.count()}" onclick="return show_waiting();"/>

function show_waiting(){
return true;

This is not working . Can any one help me on this ?


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You cannot directly add a javascript method to the <g:paginate> tag. Seems logical since the <g:paginate> will render many html links.

The best way to achieve what you need is to write a javascript that will listen any 'onclick' events on elements.

For instance if you code is :

<div class="paginateButtons">
  <g:paginate .../>

Then using jQuery, you can add:

    $(".paginateButtons a").click(function() {
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thanks fabien, your solution working good. I accepted your answer :-) –  srinath Mar 31 '10 at 6:22

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