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Not sure if you can do this, but I want to select the first of two classes of an element with jQuery and return it's first class only.

<div class="module blue">

I want to return 'module'.

tried this:

var state = $('body').attr('class').first();

but none of that seems to work, thanks for any advice.

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var class = $('.module').attr('class');
var st = class.split(' ');
var firstClass = st[0];
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rocking! thanks guys, a bit of sleep and advice and it all makes sense :-) – gleddy Mar 25 '10 at 0:05

Once you have a reference to the element, simply get it's className attribute and split it by space, and then you'll have the first class at [0] in the split array:

var className = $(element).attr('class'),
    split = className.split(/\s+/g);

alert(split[0] || 'Empty className');
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+1 I like this one – ant Mar 24 '10 at 14:10

How about a one liner?

var state = $('body').attr('class').replace(/\s.+$/, "");
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