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I am working on a project using meteor(0.8.2) and it has got a login component. Every user gets to see his data when user logs in. I am creating a admin login where, admin should able to see the data of all users. Any ideas on this?

My js code:

//retrieving records according to userid
Template.entries.entries = function () {
        // return all entries sorted by time
        return addressDB.find({userId: Meteor.userId()}, { sort: { time: -1 }});

another snippet of js code,

//this code inserts the data in collection

var user = Meteor.user();
     var userId= Meteor.userId();
             if (!user) {
     console.log("new user created by the meteor user function ");
     console.log("data inserted");
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You can yse roles to simply manage you users privileges. Then, in you publish function (on server):

Meteor.publish('addresses', function () {
  if (Roles.userIsInRole(this.userId, 'admin') {
    return addressDB.find({});
  } else {
    return addressDB.find({userId: Meteor.userId()});

Please remember to remove autopublish package and subscribe to addresses data stream on client side with

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